How to Build Websites With WordPress

Are you considering building a website, but have no idea where to start? Creating a website yourself will take a lot of your time and effort and money. So, the best thing you can do is build your website with WordPress. Creating a WordPress website is not only very easy and you can do it yourself, but it also does not cost a penny.

Another good aspect with WordPress site is that you will not need a professional web designer to add and update pages to the site, as WordPress has built-in tools to do that for you.


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    In order to build a site with WordPress, you need a website hosting first. Since WordPress recommends servers such as Nginx and Apache because they are considered “full of features” the blog service. Moreover, get a web hosting that allow MySQL and PHP. Professionals say that PHP version 5.2.4 is good while 5.0 MySQL version works much better with WordPress.

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    Check with WordPress directory and review all the options mentioned in it. There are several good options such as Bluehost. Choose one that you like. Finding Bluehost is not difficult as WordPress features it clearly and prominently. This service is great in several aspects as it offers massive disk storage, monthly data transfers, which is great if your content production is huge and you have to constantly update the website’s pages or posts.

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    Now download WordPress and install it to your computer. At this stage, a new MySQL database will be created, which will be done on your server. Be sure to note down database name, username and password.

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    WordPress source code should be unzipped into the folder you have selected for your website (its location).

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    It is time to set up basic WordPress settings. After you have logged into your WordPress account, you can unzip the theme you selected. Keep the unzipped theme in this path: /yoursiteroot/wp-content/themes/newtheme.

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    Create pages you like. Go to the section “Pages” and create as many pages as you want. Mostly, the pages you will need on the homepage are Home, Contact, About Us, Prices and Products. Click the button “Publish” and save the settings you have made changes to.

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    You can choose any page to be your “Static” page. Similarly, one of your pages will be a blog where you can add latest events, news and articles.

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    Customize your theme if you like. If you do not want to change the theme you have selected, you can start uploading content or anything.

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