How to Write a Pitch to Bloggers

If you plan on approaching a blogger for your non-profit story, then you need to follow some steps to convince him or her to promote your work.


  • 1

    Before pitching, you need to do your research by learning about the blogger, then personalise your pitch. Remember never to send the same pitch to other bloggers.

  • 2

    Read the blogs of that particular blogger so to find out his/her interests. This will also give you an insight into his style of writing. Find out who his/her targeted audience is.

  • 3

    In the email pitch mention his/her recent post that may relate to you and compliment him/her for the coverage of that particular story.

  • 4

    Be very concise in your pitch, and while remaining objective let the blogger know why you have contacted him/her. Convey to the blogger what is it that you want from him/her in few a words without actually dragging the pitch.

  • 5

    You should almost never email a blogger and ask him/her to call you just because you have a topic he/she might be interested in. If you send such an email, there is a good chance that the blogger will delete it without bothering to respond.

  • 6

    The only way you will get his/her attention is by giving him/her something that he/she already does not have. The information which you are willing to provide should be exclusive, unheard of before.

  • 7

    Bloggers love exclusive interviews, so it is best that you offer an interview and then be open to answering all the questions about the interview put forward by your blogger.  Conducting this exercise through email is the best way as it would take more time doing this via phone.

  • 8

    Remember you are there to help the blogger write a piece worth reading, so provide him/her resources like links, images, quotes and statistics. It should be your objective to aid the blogger through your pitch.

  • 9

    Always be available and ready to respond to any requests made by the blogger. When the blogger emails, you need to reply at the earliest.

  • 10

    Think ahead, you need to send the blogger all the details about a particular event months before it is actually scheduled to happen. If you send in the details just days before the event, they will not be of much use.

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