Press Release Writing Styles

If you are working in the public relations or marketing department of an organization, you will have to write press releases every other day. Writing a press release requires good communication skills, which is the reason why companies hire professionals to make sure that that the press releases are appropriate.

Media is one of the most important elements of the modern world, playing a huge role in forming opinions of the masses all around the globe. If you are a good businessman, you know that public opinion is extremely crucial to be successful these days. If a company is not able to communicate its message properly to the general public, chances of its success are quite thin.

In order to let journalists know about the happenings of an event, companies or individuals distribute press releases, so that all the facts are properly communicated. Journalists make their reports through the information given on the press releases; therefore, it must be concise, expressive and fluent.


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    Writing style

    The first paragraph of a press release should be the introduction and you should summarise the whole event within two or three lines. The detailed information will be given in the body of the press release, which should not be more than 3 to 4 paragraphs. The last paragraph of a press release is the conclusion, where you conclude the whole event and pen its outcome.

    A press release should be written on the letterhead of a company, with the signature of the highest authorities.

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    Use small paragraphs

    You should not be using lengthy paragraphs in a press release. Ideally, a paragraph should not be of more than four lines.

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    Five Ws and One H

    Five Ws and one H is a very common term used in journalism, which means ‘when, where, why, what, who and how’. If you cover all these aspects while writing a press release, you are not likely to miss any important point.

    Keep in mind that journalists would not mind if you have made some formatting mistakes in a press release; however, it will be very irritating for them to see that you have missed some important facts.

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    Logical order of the information & distribution of a press release

    Information in a press release should be given in a proper order. The most important information should be given upfront. It is recommended that you take the help of an editor before distributing a press release.

    While distributing, make sure that each and every journalist or reporter gets a copy of it.

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