How to Make Money Blogging

In the modern day blogs have become one of the mainstream media like Newspapers and Television, resulting in money making with blogs more of a realistic and easy task over the years. As blogging became more and more mainstream it has resulted in competition, so to successfully turn your blog into successful money making machine you would have to put in a lot of hard work, patience and most importantly, dedication. It may take quite some time to before your blogging dreams turn into a reality allowing you to earn the kind of money that would provide you the leisure to quit your daily job. Follow the below mentioned easy steps to find out how.


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    First of all select a service provider for your blog which best meet your demands, most popular of which are the Wordpress and Blogger, both of which are free services.

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    The next thing to do is to find out a particular subject that is your focus of interest, on which your blog is to be based such as technology, health, sports, politics and international relations etc. Stick to your point of focus and prevent yourself to stray from it. Your articles should be informative yet entertaining at the same time helping to preserve the reader’s interest. Most importantly you should update your blog regularly with at least three articles per week or more to keep your blog running and to attract more and more audience.

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    The easiest way to earn money with your blog is through ads. For this you may add Google ads to your blog to help generate income by joining AdWords. This can be done from Google’s website. You can also avail other ad choices as well such as BlogAds or CrispAds that are also very popular.

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    Seeking sponsorship by a business is another possible way to make good money through blogging. Usually sponsorship occurs via businesses that may approach blogs covering a demographic they are related to or are interested in.

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    Another possibility is collecting donations from the readers themselves. For this you can place a donate button on your blog. Some bloggers have regular fund-raising drives and some have even managed to blog full-time due to the donations collected from their readers.

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    One can also seek a job or career in blogging. For that you have to continue blogging for at least 6 months, which is the minimum duration that makes you eligible for working at such position. For seeking such blogging jobs  you may apply to one of the blogging networks such as b5Media, 451 Press or Wise Bread after you have been blogging for a while. You are going to be asked if you would like to suggest a new topic for their network or if your blog covers a topic that is not listed on their network then you can suggest your blog be added.

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