How to Defend your Blogs Copyright

In the past, blogs were only used by the individuals to express views on certain things. However, with the advancements in the field of information technology, blogging became a great source of earning money online. With the increasingly changing trends in blogging, the misuse of copyrights has emerged as on the most alarming issues.

If you have a blog and you want to defend its copyrights, you don’t have to hire an attorney for that as you can simply do it by taking some simple measures.


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    First of all, you have to gather data about the websites which have infringed your blog’s copyrights. You can start off with contacting methods. You should contact the copyright infringer or their host server. You can find their contact information from the website. If you can’t find their contact information, you can use WHOIS lookup service in order to get the necessary details.

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    After finding the website, you will have to identify the content which has been copied from your blog. Then, note down the URLs of all the websites which have violated your copyrights. Besides, you should also note the time and date on which your content was taken so as to substantiate your position.

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    Now, you have to prepare a document in which you will include all the data which have been taken from your blog and the other details including the time and details.

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    After preparing the document, you have to contact with the people who are involved in the infringement of your copyrights. You must know that you don’t need a lawyer for that as you can easily manage to sort out the things in a friendly way. You just have to address them in the right way so that they take down your content from their websites.

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    If the copyright violators do not take down your content from their websites, you will have to contact their webhost. In your email, you will have to write that the violators have not co-operated with you even after your request and you want the webhost to take the required steps in this regard. In addition, you have to attach the document which you sent to the violators in the email.

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