Difference Between an Ezine And A Newsletter

The most basic difference between an ezine and newsletter is that the former can only be published and circulated on and through the internet respectively. A newsletter on the other hand can be published both on the internet and in the traditional (the costlier) way. Speaking holistically, a newsletter can be an expensive content distribution medium as compared to an ezine.

That said, there are also a lot of similarities between the two. Both ezine and newsletter are very effective sources of maintaining consistent and effective communication with the customer base. Being a business owner, you can introduce new deals, prices and packages through both the mediums and make your presence felt in the market.

Both mediums are also a good source of consistent income generation. Money can either be earned by putting a subscription fee, or you can rely on the viewership traffic to bring you ads.

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    What is E-zine (Ezine)?

    E-zine or ezine is a specific term used for magazines and newsletters which are circulated through electronic mediums like emails. Ezine provides access to all of its content to the readers and its basic source of revenue generation comes from advertisements and attachment to retail websites. It is a cost effective way of spreading your message, in the form of content, and saves huge overhead costs attached with traditional publishing and distribution. There is no restriction of niches when it comes to writing on ezine; it covers all the subjects from various streams and has its own editorial policy consistent with the expectations of publishers and readers.

    Contrary to popular belief, the word ‘zine’ has not been derived from magazine; its source lies in fanzine, which are also print publications propagated by various writers (fans) on specific niche topics, more out of creativity than for the desire to earn money.

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    What is a Newsletter?

    The terminology ‘Newsletter’ is not restricted to internet. Any regularly circulated publication which focuses on a specific stream, subject or topic can be termed as a newsletter - for example, leaflets pertaining to a specific cause, or newspapers especially focusing on business, sports, military equipment or political issues etc.

    The newsletters which are delivered through email are called e-Newsletters and with the internet marketing becoming ever so significant by the day, they have become the primary, and the most widely viewed and accepted version. There can be many types of newsletters, ranging from one explaining a child’s performance at school to the parents to one explaining the progress in a specific testing procedure of composite material fatigue analysis. Newsletters are not restricted to professional publishing outlets and can be circulated by literally any individual.

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