How to Use WordPress on a Firewall Computer

Have you ever wanted to setup your own blog so that you can publish content on the internet? WordPress is best blogging site if the answer to this question is ‘Yes’. But you will not be able to access the WordPress blog from your computer unless you make certain changes to the Windows firewall settings. Apart you will need to add all the applications that use WordPress the exceptions list in your Windows firewall settings so that you can load content on WordPress. Here is how you can use WordPress on a firewall computer.


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    You can not make changes to the firewall settings on your computer using the guest or limited user account which is why you will have to login using the administrator account.

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    Click on the ‘Start’ button to open the Windows start menu. Click ‘Run’ and type ‘control’ to open the control panel. This is where you will make changes to the Windows firewall settings.

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    If you are using Windows XP, click the icon labelled ‘Windows Firewall’. For Windows 7 and Vista, you will have to click the icon labelled ‘Security’ and then click ‘Windows Firewall’.

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    A window labelled ‘Windows Firewall’ will pop up. Make sure that under the ‘General’ tab, ‘On (recommended)’ option is selected and ‘Don’t allow exceptions’ box is unchecked. In Windows Vista or 7, you will need to click ‘Change Settings’ before proceeding.

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    In the ‘Windows Firewall’ window, click the tab labelled ‘Exceptions’ and then click the ‘Add Programme...’ button. A popup window will appear listing all the programmes and software installed on your computer.

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    You now have to add all the Wordpress applications as exceptions in the firewall. Select all the desired applications and click ‘OK’. Make sure that the boxes against the applications that you just selected are checked. Finally click ‘OK’.

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    Now that all the Wordpress applications have been added to the exceptions list of Windows firewall, you will be able to use Wordpress on your computer.

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