Steps To Starting An Ezine Or Newsletter

An ezine or newsletter can be a great way to disseminate information and make your presence felt on a wide scale.

People generally consider ezine and newsletters as two names of the same thing and it is hardly their fault. There are a lot of similarities between the two entities. They can be marketed in the same way and can have the same effect on the customer base. For example, in both ezine and e-newsletter, the method of putting classified ads is the same, and the eventual response depends on the amount of viewership and popularity of the publication.

However before starting either of the two mediums, one has to consider a few basic things;


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    Identify The Type Of Publication

    The first step is to identify the type of publication which fulfills your specific requirement(s). Decide whether you want to put the information just on the web or you need to circulate the content in paper published form as well. This second option may become extremely important when you are dealing with people, who are not that technology savvy and like to operate in the good old fashioned way.

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    Sort Out The Purpose Of Publication

    Decide whether you want to publish stuff just for your brand promotion or are doing it to provide some beneficial information. Doing this, will help you set your objectives and goals, understand the type of readership and their mood while going through your content. This will make it easier for you to structure various segments of your publication.

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    Prepare A Robust Plan

    While creating an ezine or a newsletter, you should have a foolproof understanding about the involvement and effect of time, money and other such resources. Remember, ezine or newsletter has to be continuously updated for it to stay relevant. That demands a lot of time, dedication and access to information resources, some of which may come at a price. All these details need to be ironed out before you start the project, and an effective back up plan for every facet, should also be present.

    You also need to plan about how you are going to attract advertisement, sponsors and affiliates, all of which will help you in earning some revenue.

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    Avoid Mistakes

    One of the most common reasons why e-publications lose their value is because they are riddled with typos, grammatical and structural mistakes. These are cardinal sins when it comes to the publishing business and you should form a strong writing and editorial team to eliminate them.

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