How to Find an SEO Goldmine for Your Blog

Search Engine Optimization has become a common concept these days with a lot of potential for further growth. The basic concept is that the more frequent a site appears on the search engine, the more hits it will receive from the users. So basically it all rotates around the keywords that users put in on search engines like Google and the recommendations they get for it. SEO for blogs is much different than that for websites because blogs are expected to produce a certain level of quality content and have social elements involved where users are involved in discussion and views. SEO can be a source of revenue through internet marketing but the business model is volatile and cannot be depended upon. There are however, some tips that you can use to turn your blog into an SEO goldmine and gain above than normal profits. Our step by step guide has some suggestions.


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    Gain hot ideas:

    There are some topics that have always been hot favourites like chocolate and some that are seasonal like upcoming elections. You need to grab ideas that are in demand and are the hot issue these days. Some places to look for these ideas are the news, social networking sites like Facebook and twitter, competitors and the Q&A section of sites. A careful scrutiny of these will let you know the topics people are interested to read about.

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    Choose keywords:

    Many people might be interested in the topic that you are writing about but there are certain keywords that are most searched and there are others which are ignored. You have to find keywords that are bound to bring in traffic. The good things is Google itself gives us the option of finding the right keywords for the topic. Once you have decided upon an idea, put down a few possible keywords for it. Compare these keywords in Google Keyword Tool which gives you the rates of searches on these specific keyword. It also gives you suggestions on the alternative keywords that you can use.

    Another simple method is to type the query in the search box and note the keywords that Google itself suggests. Choose a few keywords who look promising.

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    Write quality blogs:

    As a blogger, your aim is to not only generate traffic once but to retain your readers with the quality of your work. Do not let the SEO concept of using as many keywords as possible harm your writing repute. If readers find your blog enjoyable and helpful, they will return to it without the help of any SEO technique.

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