How to Submit an Article to PS

Submitting an article on PS is quite easy but sometime without the proper approval of American Political Science Association, you cannot publish article on PS. Commonly known as the journal of American Political Science Association, provides information, in-depth analysis and broad range of observations regarding different kinds of disciplines. The growth of PS has been exceptional over the past many years ranging from different subjects and contemporary political phenomena of all the big authors and general writers. This famous journal also gives all kinds of modern political theories and ideas.


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    You need to follow specific submission guidelines before manuscript publishing. There are conditions that have to be met like all the manuscripts which have been under consideration by the journal authorities.

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    Analysis of relevance

    Analysis of relevance are also important as manuscripts should present issues and current interest to the readers. Good writing and good scripts are also appreciated by many researchers. Political scientists also appreciate good pieces of writing.

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    Qualitative and quantitative manuscripts

    Qualitative and quantitative manuscripts are also good and you can submit to PS. The more research you will do the better the manuscript will come out. People around the world appreciate this type of effort and also appreciate how wonderful you have prepared the article or research.

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    Subject matters

    The subject also should be catchy and satisfies the interest to political scientists. Reading outside of their interest sometimes is also very important.

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    Online method

    You can also use different online methods to submit an article on PS. You can find many different online platforms which you can use and get help from them.

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    Permission of the original publisher

    If any manuscript is written for the second time or you are taking some scripts out to get help for your research, you should asked and get permission from the original publisher. It will give you piece of mind and will also carry out your research with good information.

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    Editing is very important as the editor will see which things are appropriate and which are not. You should check carefully for the different kinds of errors as well. The editor will thoroughly review your work.

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