How to Name Your Next Blog Product

Have you ever been compelled to pay attention to a product slogan and then pull out your credit card to buy it, or at least make up your mind about buying it when you had enough money?

When it comes to Internet marketing and making money through it, few subjects are more talked about than blogs. It’s easy to understand why: Selling your image or product through a blog is thrilling, as it takes little costs than traditional marketing tactics do. But on this roller-coaster ride, we all want to know how to come up with an effective name or a slogan for our next blog product/service that can make us stand out among our competitors.

Coming up with the right, attention-grabbing name for a blog product can work wonders as it is able to prompt hundreds of visitors into action and to do business with you. Perception is everything in marketing, and if your blog product name makes a lasting impression on the readers, you win over them and eventually persuade them to buy from you.

Since online marketing is all about content, carefully-worded slogans and attractive product names can turn your potential customers into permanent ones.

No matter what you are selling on the blog, an e-book or a plumbing service, you will always need good writing skills on every step of the way.

A product name can be a line or even one word. But names that contain some info and benefits in them often attract the readers.


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    Know your customers’ behavior

    You should be able to assess your customers’ behavior before coming up with a product name. Take into account your prospective customers’ demography, geography, age, interests, etc. For instance, if you selling e-books to people whose first language isn’t English, you should keep the product name simple, easy to understand.

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    Mention benefits

    Try to mention at least one main benefit in your product name. Surely, you cannot write each and every detail and give a lot of info in a few words, but asking the readers to take action to gain something from the product does the trick.

    For instance, an effective title for an e-book on content writing tips may be: “Write content the right way.” This example is concise, clear and catchy as it lets the readers know why it is important to write content the right way in a customer-driven market.

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    Sound conversational

    Corporate sounding slogans and product names have fallen out of favor with marketers. And when it comes to blog writing/marketing, it becomes even more important that the language structure you use to write a product name or title should be simple and conversational. Most of the online readers dread long sentences and usually scan through the lines to see what benefits they can get from your product.

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