How to Recruit Evangelists for Your Blog

Nowadays, bloggers have to keep marketing their work on different platforms to increase their fanbase. Different people are hired for this purpose and their job is to market your work on different social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace etc. These people are known as Evangelists.

Hiring the right man for the job is very important. To hire a group of evangelists for your blog or forum, you must have a good knowledge of what group of people follow your work and like it. It is always better to recruit people who follow your blog on a daily basis and are huge fans of your work. Since they read your work daily, they will have a good knowledge on where to market your blogs and on what platforms.


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    Recognize the potential

    It is very important to recognize the potential of the people who read your blog. Surely, if you need to recruit evangelists, they have to be people who follow you regularly on your blog or are followers. You have to look for people who regularly stay in touch. These fans will show great interest in your work and will email you regarding your write-ups.
    Short list the followers who appreciate your work and constantly email you for help. These people definitely trust you with their issues and will be willing to work for you.

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    Post an ad on your blog

    The next thing would be to place an ad, stating that you need a group of people for your blog or forum. Ask them to send their credentials through email so that you get a list of people who are willing to work for you.

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    Take your time on research

    You must take good time to make the decision as selecting the best candidates will be good for you. Selecting the right people matters, even if it takes some additional time. Spend some time on analysing each candidate so that you have a clear idea of how each individual can help. Compare the list of candidates who have replied to your ad to the people you had screened out before to look for any common names.

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    Screen out the best candidates

    If there are any common names from the two lists, email the candidates regarding the work you want them to do and ask for their opinion. Assign work to the hired evangelists and monitor their progress over the period of time.

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