How to Be a Freelance Writer for a Magazine

If you have some experience of professional writing and love reading and searching for information then you could become a freelance writer for a Magazine.

Remember magazines work differently from news papers as they think ahead by planning their editions well before the publishing date.


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    Before choosing a magazine to write for, you need to do your homework and learn about the magazine by studying its publications. Remember freelance writing is a superb way for writers to narrow down their focus.

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    It is always a great idea to obtain some sample issues for reading. Learn which topics they have covered more recently. Observe the style of writings in the articles and use this information as a guide to begin your own writing. It will also give you a clear picture of the type of content the magazine publishes.

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    After you find out what subjects have been covered by the magazine, it is time for the next phase, where you have to explore ideas which are similar to the ones covered by that particular magazine. Nonetheless, do not jump on the bandwagon as you need to give those subjects a newer angle or else your piece will not be worth much.

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    Search for new ideas from your surroundings. The best place is among friends as you hold a conversation with them on particular subjects, new ideas will be generated.

    Local events in your city also help you forge some cool ideas to write on. The local newspaper is another place which has so many stories to help you get some ideas. You can identify some interesting news headlines to write a feature on for your magazine.

    Read other competing magazines to keep updated on the trends of the market. You can always use the internet as it is an infinite source of information and ideas. Think about the things you know how to do as this help you write a “how-to” article.

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    You need to think big and plan way ahead to coincide your story with an upcoming event.

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    The gamble of simply writing up your article and sending it in almost never pays off, you need to learn to write query letters.

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    Before deciding to choose a subject to write on, it is best to pitch your idea in front of the editor and get an assignment.

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