How to Install WordPress

If you have decided you are going start writing a blog, you are ready to start using one of the most powerful website building and designing software available on the internet. WordPress is easy to set up on almost any web host server. Within a few seconds of visiting the company website, you’ll find out that you can publish your content directly on to a website using the cpanel. WordPress was created after years of research and now it provides people with a platform to start and run their own websites without being an expert of html coding.

WordPress platform is a 100% free CMS (Control Management System) that allows you to set up a weblog on your web page. For those of us who are looking to start a new website and you want to set up your own weblog against using the weblog service that allows us to build and run a website on an external cpanel, this article will help you understand the steps required to install WordPress on a hosting server.


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    Before you do anything else, consider visiting the Wordpress web page and download the latest version of the newest Wordpress codex. This is easy as you can find this codex very easily on the website. Once you have downloaded the product, the computer file will be turned into either .tar.gz or .zip format.

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    Now consider creating an empty MySQL database that will let you design the website on a hosing server using your own web development skills and abilities. Do not forget to add yourself as the privileged user in the database.

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    If you like you can also make a listing on your Web hosting server right under the html code data folder for the Wordpress setup. Now consider unzipping the WP codex that was downloaded in the beginning and save the directory on hard disk of your computer system. Upload the computer file template under your wp1 listing.

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    Permission on the folder must be changed from wp1 down to chmod 755wp1. Edit the computer file wp-confi-sample.php and create a new a file be renaming it as wp-config.php.

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    Run the wp-config.php file that was saved on the hard drive and provide the customer details, following the instructions.

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    Enter in the following into your browser: The tool will complete the installation and run the program. Provide username and password and follow rest of the instructions to complete the process.

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