How to Use Images in Your Blog Posts

It is of considerable importance that bloggers should use reasonable images in their blog posts. Posting an article in your blog without any image is not recommended. A post in your blog with an appropriate message not only attracts the audience but also help them predict at a glance what your article is really about. Many bloggers undervalue the need to upload suitable images in blog posts and publish articles without any pictures while many consider them of substantial importance and do not post anything without images.

Simple text in your blog can bore the audience and they might de track from what you are really trying to say or prove. In contrast, if you have uploaded a sensible image, the audience will not only show interest in your post but the picture also helps you in increasing traffic.

However, you should be careful while using images as people are often observed to upload large sized images which entirely kill the reason of post. The size of the image should be reasonable because if it is too large, the audience will not be able to view your text and have to scroll down for it, which is an inconvenience. On the contrary, if the size of your picture is medium, the viewer will be able to look at your picture and have a look at your opening paragraphs, which will create his interest.


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    Uploading a picture in your blog post is a must, otherwise the article will give a dry look to the audience.

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    When uploading an image file, do not forget to write the ‘Title’ and ‘Alternate Text’ in the given space. Remember that writing a caption for your picture also proves to be helpful.

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    Do not upload random images but choose the images that are perfect for your posts.

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    You can find all kinds of images on different search engines and there are many websites that offer these services for free or charge a certain amount of money. Remember that, you should never use copyrighted or trademark images and look for royalty free images. There is no need to worry as royalty free images are in abundance.

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    If the size of the image is not large enough for your post then you should resize it, there are plenty of free softwares, which offer these facility.

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