How to Guest Post to Promote Your Blog

Guest posting in another blog is really worth it, for both new and experienced bloggers alike. When you create a blog, you really want to drive a massive traffic. However, in most cases things do not quite develop as you expect. Turning a blog into a platform that can attract a large number of readers is not easy, because you need several things before you can make your blogs one of the best in your niche.

In order to handle a situation like this or boost the worth of their blog, most bloggers guest-post. Guest posting allows them to publish their posts to other blogs. Usually, these posts are published on blogs that have already had foothold and boast a large number of subscribers. If you want to start guest posting, try to look for blogs that are the leaders in their stream, and drive huge traffic.

Posting on such blogs will allow you to give a link to your own blog, which can benefit you in many ways. Firstly, you will win over hundreds of readers who read that blog, and you may get lots of subscriptions once they start following your posts on a regular basis. Secondly, you will get quality back links — one of the factors that determine better Google ranking.


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    Start reading

    Get into some meaningful reading — if you have made up your mind about guest posting. Reading different posts on different blogs (of your niche/industry) will give you an idea which of the them are better. You can use Google search to reach a list of blogs that belong to your industry or subject. Another thing that you will notice is that what kind of posts and articles get published on these blogs. Try to assess what it was that gripped your attention and you started reading that blog/post.

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    Choose blogs

    Once you start reading different blogs in your area of interest, you will soon be able to tell the difference between good and average. Make a list of blogs you think you should guest-post on. A little Google search will get you plenty of resources.

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    Contact blog administration/site owners

    After you have chosen blogs you want to write for, you should now offer them your writing services. You can contact blog administration via email, phone or even social media networking. In most cases you may not be able to find their phone numbers or email, but social media is the best tool to getting in touch of them.

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    How to ask?

    You can tell them that you want to write for their blog and that you have written for so many blogs. Mention the names of the blogs you have worked with or are still working for. It will help them assess your worth and they might have a look at your work to make sure they are getting the right man.

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