How to Add Audio to Your Blog

Are you tired of writing stuff on your blog, or you simply don’t have enough time to do so? If this is the case, you should not be worried at all, as there are other ways through which you can convey your message to the visitors on your blog. One of those methods is adding audio on the blog, as that will consume less time, but still serve the purpose for you. The process of adding audio to your blog is not a complex one at all, as it simply requires you to follow a few steps. Once you know how to do it, you might not have to bother about writing stuff for your blog ever again.

Things Required:

– Media recording software
– Blog website
– Internet connection
– Microphone


  • 1

    Open a media recorder

    Open the media recorder on your computer. There are some very good options like the Windows Media Player, RealPlayer and the VLC, but you can choose the one you like. If you don’t have any media recorder available on your system, download it free from the internet and install it on your computer.

  • 2

    Connect your microphone

    Plug in your microphone to the system, so that you can save your message on the media recorder. It is ideal to look for a quality microphone, so that there is clarity in your audio and the listeners don’t have any issues when they visit your blog.

  • 3

    Rehearse what you wish to say

    Before recording your audio, rehearse what you want to say to the listeners. This way, you will not be confused and your message will be absolutely clear. 

  • 4

    Click record when you are ready

    When you have finalized what to say, click on the record button and start speaking. As soon as you complete your message, stop the recording and listen to the audio a couple of times before posting it on the blog. In case you feel that something went wrong, repeat the process until you are completely satisfied. 

  • 5

    Log onto to your blog

    Once you have the audio file, log onto the blog and see the terms and conditions related to uploading audio files.

  • 6

    Find the upload audio tab

    You will see an option of uploading audio or video files on your blog. Simply click on that and attach your file to it. Once it is loaded, hit the save button and your task will be complete.

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