How Twitter Makes You a Better Writer

Twitter is considered to be a complete waste of time like reality TV shows. With every passing moment, a lot of tweets appear at your screen, and while you are thinking about writing a reply to someone’s first tweet, another one comes up on an entirely different subject.

On such a pacey and complex social networking website, how could someone focus on writing? It is a massive challenge for Tweeple to draw out a few positives, as far as writing is concerned. But it is a challenge worth taking. One can learn plenty of things from Twitter and as a result, the user becomes a better writer.


  • 1

    You learn to be concise

    Twitter offers only 140 characters to post a tweet. And it means that your tweet has to be complete and concise to describe the entire message. Not only letters, but also numbers, symbols, punctuation and spaces count as characters.

    So, it becomes a massive challenge for the user to deliver his complete message, making it as short as possible. Consequently, you improve you vocabulary, as you need only one word instead of a collection of it.

  • 2

    No intimidation

    On Twitter, one does not feel short of thoughts. Only 140 characters are far less intimidating than a page holding hundreds of empty lines, demanding you to fill in each one. You don’t need to be a writing expert to express your thoughts on Twitter, because writing just 140 characters is no big deal. The practice eventually will make you a lot better.

  • 3

    Learn manners

    Twitter is not about writing anything. If you are abusive, those who are following you will eventually block you. Therefore, good manners are very important. The user learns to reply others, and stay polite even if he is not feeling good.

  • 4

    Twitter allows you to share

    Twitter is a great platform to share your ideas and emotions. Folks use hashmarks (#) to develop a community, and having done so, you read more. Reading also makes you a better writer.

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    Concise writing perfects art of headlining

    Making a good headline is extremely important for the bloggers and journalists. Nobody can become a good writer, if he does not know the art of headlining. Twitter helps you write better headlines and titles.

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