How to Get Backlinks for your Website

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in getting your website indexed by Google and drive massive traffic. But it often gets confusing and even distracting as to how to increase the number of backlinks for your website.

But before you get into backlink world, get one thing clear first: the purpose of increasing the number of backlinks is to rank well on Google and other key search engines like Yahoo and Bing. That’s it.

Getting backlinks is easy as there are several ways to do it. However, sticking to some of the most common ways can get you the results you want.


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    Improve content of your website

    Create attention-grabbing content for your website. Poorly-written and lousy content can put a drag on your website's worth and Google ranking. Once you have built a site with solid content, other websites may want you to link with them, thus giving you valuable backlinks.

    Another thing that good content can do for is that, anyone reading your website may find it informative and they can in turn, link your URL to their own websites or blogs. Quality content is the most effective tool to get quality backlinks.

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    Create your website blog

    You can create blog on any key blog service such as Wordpress and blogspot. Making a blog will allow to link your website pages to it, which will increase backlinks.

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    Directory submissions

    Directory submission is another technique you can use to increase the number of your website backlinks. There are literally tens of thousands of online directories available on the Internet, where you can submit your website URL and target keywords.

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    Comment on dofollow blogs

    Another easy way is to comment on dofollow blogs. Dofollow blogs allow you to leave comments with a hyperlink. Making a hyperlink (backlink) is easy. You can leave a comment with your desired keyword in the name section and your URL in the website section on any blog. Try to comment on the blogs that are relevant to your website/industry.

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    Get into social media networking

    The social media websites are generally strong when it comes to worth and value, as they have good page rank. Create pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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    Start article marketing

    Article marketing can benefit you a lot. Write articles and submit them on article directories. Article directories let you leave a link to your website with an article that you have written for them. There are several quality article directories like ezinearticles and articlebase.

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