How to Publicize Your Foodie Blog or Website

If you are running a food blog or a website, the most important that crops up in your mind is how to market your expertise without losing the target audience. Food blogs and websites have to be managed in a way that you reach more and more people every day and keep the existing readers engaged as well.

Publicizing a food blog takes more than just traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, as several factors play their role in making your content worth reading and reliable for readers. Unlike other blogs and industries, publishing flawed content can take a toll on the blog’s search engine ranking and readership.


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    Develop attention-grabbing content

    Content is king, and it also holds true with foodie blogs and websites. Food blogs have to rely on content more than anything else. Content—video or text—acts as a bridge between you and your readers.

    If you are running a blog, you have to make sure that you publish posts on a regular basis. Unless there are enough posts covering a wide variety of topics of food and cuisines, you cannot reach audience and your blog will probably remain little-known forever.

    In order to create attention-grabbing content, you need to hire expert writes that have a good understanding of recipes and cooking tips.  Remember that your priority should be to publicize blog posts through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search engine traffic is more loyal than those coming to your website by paid campaigns.

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    Use social media networking platforms

    Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can be an effective marketing tool for your food blog. Social media networking helps you meet new people and interact with your target audience in a more effective way. If you blog has quality content — cook tips, unique recipes and multiple cuisine, people may post your blog link to their profile, for thousands of other people to read. Sing up at Facebook and create a page featuring your company, online magazine or blog.

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    You cannot leave a lasting impact on your blog’s readers unless you have a logo. So, start your blog with an attention-grabbing logo.

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    Guest posting

    Guest posting can help you boost the presence of your blog. You can invite writers to write for your blog, who can then further spread your image and links to other platforms. Guest posting is one of the easiest, yet most effective link building techniques.

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