How to Build a Dominant Google+ Presence

Social media networking can be both rewarding and challenging, but the opportunities to connect to a wider audience are many, and totally at your disposal.

Google+ can be an effective tool to reach not only friends, but your potential customers or business partners. Google+ allows you to use plenty of interactive features, helping to build a bridge between you and people. Despite so many opportunities and eye-catching features, most people fail to capitalize on true potential of Google+.

Though it is battling other big names in the social media war, such as Facebook and Twitter, its emergence as one of the fastest-growing network has led many to believe that this can be a future platform to grow their business or personal contacts.

On the back of Google’s solid marketing strategy, Google+ is attracting business owners, entrepreneurs who think they should look to other social networking platforms besides Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

There are plenty of tactics and ways you can grow your presence on Google+ and reap the benefits of a completely different social media networking.


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    Capitalize on Google+ shares

    Google+ shares are the best way to let others see you and pay attention to you. Other people can share your link to their profile wall. You can share your website or blog’s link with your friends and business partners, so they will post it on their wall. Posting your links on Google+ will prompt Google to treat your site as good platform, hence improving your organic search ranking.

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    Google+ company profile

    Google+ allows you to create a company page which can help you connect to thousands of users in just a matter of days. Google+ has a large number profiles, which means you may get your links shared to the companies of your niche and industry. Although the social site has yet to see its potential in the presence of giants like Facebook and Twitter, users have improved their organic search results by benefitting from its various features.

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    Google+ circles adds

    You can capitalize on Google circle adds, as you are allowed to integrate the profile to your website or blog. You can include all you Gmail contacts in the circles, giving them the chance to keep in touch with as you update your site and unveil new products.

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