How to Add Popular Twitter Plug-ins for WordPress Blogs

If you are looking to add popular Twitter plugins to your WordPress blog, you will be glad to know that the steps involved are extremely easy. Every day, thousands of websites are created and discarded. Adding pictures, social media icons and other similar features can help your stand out in an extremely competitive internet world. So what are you waiting for, add the required Twitter plugins to your blog so the people could follow you on Twitter and share their comments. It is recommended to choose an easy to use Twitter plugin for your website.


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    Before doing anything else, you will need to determine the location on your website where you want to add the plugin. For those who do not have their own Wordpress blog, they can create one by following the steps given below.

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    Turn on your computer and wait for Windows to load. Enter your control panel username and password and then click the internet browser in the Start menu. Enter the Wordpress website address in the URL section. On the main page, you will be able to locate create my blog link. Enter your details including full name, user name, password and credit card or PayPal details.

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    You will be required to choose an address for your Wordpress blog. Once your blog is created, you can create all sorts of plugins and widgets on your webpage. Consider adding basic features such as Search the Blog, time, temperature, headlines, pictures and content.

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    Next, choose what plugins you want to add to your Wordpress website. It is advised to choose plugins that are smaller in size so your blog works efficiently and effectively. Adding the Twitter plugin to your Wordpress blog is also extremely easy. In the control panel of your blog, find the widgets and plugins category.

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    Click on the plugins category and a new page will open where you will be able to search the required plugins. In the search bar, enter Twitter social media icons or Twitter social media plugin. A list of results will be displayed as you click the search button. Install the Twitter plugin that has received positive reviews from the users.

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    Once the product is installed, you can find it in the widgets section in the control panel and place it on the webpage to suit your needs.

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