How to Add a Read More Link to Copied Text in WordPress

Are you impressed of the various websites that have a “Read More” link to any/all content that you copy from them?  Do you want to create your own “read more” with the content that is copied from your website? Then be happy as adding such a useful link to your WordPress posts is super easy. You can add the link anywhere in your post.

This unique feature was introduced in 2009 by a famous company known as Tynt Inc., focused on driving new revenue opportunities for content publishers through various methods. They brought in a gratis service whereby the owners of various websites across the world can insert a “Read More” link to the text copied from their web pages.

A Read More Link is your greatest opportunity to attract new users. It will definitely encourage people to click the link to read further, grabbing additional traffic and obviously generating more revenue.

Go through the very simple steps given below and add a “read more” link to any copied text from your WordPress blog and enjoy large-scale traffic.


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    First log in to your Wordpress dashboard with the password and log in ID you have.

  • 2

    Move your mouse cursor to the 'Appearance' tab and select 'Editor' which will open the edit environment for your current theme.

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    Now add the code given below into footer.php. This can be found where the index is situated.

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    function addNotice() {
    var body_element = document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0];
    var selection;
    selection = window.getSelection();
    var pagelink = "

    Read more at: "+document.location.href+"";
    var copy_text = selection + pagelink;
    var new_div = document.createElement('div');'-99999px';'absolute';

    body_element.appendChild(new_div );
    newdiv.innerHTML = copy_text ;
    selection.selectAllChildren(new_div );
    window.setTimeout(function() {
    body_element.removeChild(new_div );

    document.oncopy = addNotice;

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    Now, at whatever time someone visits your website and attempts to copy your content, an exceptional read more link will be incorporated along with it. Anyhow, make sure to change the copyright text, and replace it with your own website’s title there.

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