Top 10 Must-Read Fashion and Style Blogs

Fashion bloggers have opened up new doors to everyone who wants to stay aware of fashion sitting in their homes. You just need an internet connection and you will stay updated. The blogs share information and pictures about fashion shows, celebrity appearances and the hottest trends. The article lists down the top fashion bloggers that you should follow.


  • 1

    Tavi Gevinson: The Style Rookie

    She is one of the youngest fashion blogger. Her blog started in Chicago native and she got into writing when she was just 11. Her earlier posts were short but showed her know how about fashion. With time she became more detailed about brands and inspirations. Today her blog is comprehensive and covers everything from entertainment to fashion.

  • 2

    Susie Lau: Style bubble

    Everyone who follows fashion sure knows about Susie Lau. Her blog keeps you refreshed and is inspirational. Adding on to that her total style is worth noticing. The blog started in 2006 and encompasses her thoughts, experiences and fashion observations. It also brings to light young talent which is generally unnoticed.

  • 3

    Kathryn Finney: The Budget Fashionista

    The blog is perfect for those who are fashion conscious but do not have enough funds to buy designer brands. It tells that fashion can be affordable and easy. It shows that what you choose matters instead of price tags. The blogger also publishes in New York times and Instyle.

  • 4

    Bryan Boy

    The power and influence of Bryan Boy cannot be denied. The blog is an epic mix of celebrity and fashion. The blog also features his looks adventures and personal style. It gives a detailed insight of fashion shows.

  • 5

    5 inch and up

    It is one of London’s favourite blogger. People love her style: knee boots, blue hat and different colours. She has studied fashion design and fashion school of London. Her personal styles are mesmerizing and if you want to stay in trend, follow what she wears.

  • 6

    Aliza Licht: DKNY PR Girl

    The DKNY girl always makes to top lists. The blog focuses on ad campaigns, travels and naturally fashion. The blog is very interactive and the articles have the option of like them. This makes feedback very easy.

  • 7

    Perez Hilton

    She proclaims to be the “Queen of all media”. The blog started as a hobby but turned out to be a successful career. The site is the perfect spot if you are searching for celebrity style.

  • 8

    Gala: Amlul

    The style is perfect and pure. When one thinks of London, Gala is one name that strikes up.  The interesting content keeps readers coming back for more. The style shown is effortless and inspiring.

  • 9

    Carrie: Wish Wish Wish

    The blog is said to be perfect. You fall in love with the photography, looks and the way of storytelling.  She is 22 year old and always hunts for vintage pieces.

  • 10

    Michelle: Kingdom of style

    It is definitely a must read. The bloggers take on art and fashion is worth praising.

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