How to Add Personality to Your Blog

Does your blog have what it takes to keep its visitors and readers engaged? If your blog is not interactive enough to keep the visitors engaged, then you may be losing a lot of opportunities that could have helped you further improve your blog.

Blogs that do not have a personality, often end up losing their appeal. Just having an attractive design and massive amount of posts is not the key to successful blogging. You need to add personality to your blog, if you want to reap benefits and increase your readership.

Your blog should reflect your personality. Intimate, interactive blogs never leave the readers in confusion—rather; they walk them through the subject in a way that there is no confusion and dissatisfaction.

If you want to give your blog the right look and feel, try to give a real human touch to it. The blog should sound like it addresses the interests and concerns of the readers—not some corporate gibberish that goes over their head.

Another thing that usually hurts your blog’s reputation is not taking every reader of the blog on board. Taking the readers on board does not mean that you ask them to work for your blog. You can ask them to share their thoughts in several ways, such as suggestions, discussions, comments, newsletters, and contests that offer rewards.


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    Understand your audience

    Unless you understand your audience's taste and behaviour, you will keep coming up with posts that do little to keep them engaged. Try to go through all the comments and feedback your readers give at the bottom of each post. Reading the comments section will help you dig deeper into what actually is missing.

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    Sound interactive and friendly

    Make sure your posts should not sound formal enough to make them feel uncomfortable. Remember, a formal talk may interest some (like your loyal readers), but a friendly, intimate talk has the ability to attract just about everyone—be it a professional, non-professional, new reader, old reader, and even people from any walk of life.

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    Use less jargons and more plain English

    Jargons are scary and intimidating for most of the readers. If a newbie visits your blog, hoping to learn something about a particular topic, he may get turned off by excessive use of jargons that go straight over his head. People wishing to learn new subjects and industry usually take interest in the writing that is easy to understand.

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