How to Sell Affiliate Products on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social networking service which gives you the option to add different pictures in different categories onto Boards. You simply have to download the Pinterest bookmark from the website so that it appears on the Bookmarks Toolbar on your browser.

Pinterest can also be effectively used to sell products online. You can add images of your affiliate products onto your blogs and mention the price so that anyone who visits your Pinterest page can buy. The process is very simple and can be a very good way to promote business online.


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    Install the pinbox on your respective toolbar

    Download the Pinterest bookmark on your respective toolbar. This can be done at the time you make your Pinterest account or can also be downloaded afterwards. The bookmark is highly recommended as it makes it very convenient for you to add images or products to your own Pinterest Board only with a click.

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    Open the link of the affiliate products

    The next thing you need to do open the website or the link of the blog where the affiliate product or products are being sold. Make sure that the page is properly loaded before you perform any further actions.

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    Press in the ‘Pin It’ button

    Once the page has loaded, click on the ‘Pin It’ button on your bookmarks toolbar. This will appear only if you have downloaded the bookmark from the Pinterest website. When you click the button, Pinterest will open automatically and will display all the images on that particular website or blog. You can choose the ones you need by clicking on the respective pictures of the products.

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    Select the category for the product and add description

    When you select the image, a small box will appear on your screen. Enter the category you want the picture to be on your Pinterest board. Then fill the description box according to your desire and enter the price in dollars. Also, add the link of the page from where you have selected the item so that the customer can consult the website for any further references. Confirm your actions when you entered all the information.

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    Visit your Pinterest page to confirm

    Once you have pinned the images from the affiliate website or the blog, visit your Pinterest page to check whether the items have been added. Checking is always better in order to avoid missing any products.

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