How to Craft an Offer That Can\’t Be Refused

From personal, social to business, life is all about convincing others to buy in your idea, explanation and product. So how do you make sure that whatever you propose is interesting and compelling enough with no chances of rejection? How do you make your product so good that it can not be refused? A major part of marketing is to make customers an offer in a way that they cannot say no to. this is why marketing is a core section of any successful company because no matter how good your product is, it is not going to sell unless you convince the customers that it is good enough. Here are some suggestions to make up such an offer.


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    Market research:

    Market research should be the initial phase of the product offering. You need to know what the people  need and what they want. Your offering is only going to be successful if you are going to design after the market research. Otherwise, you might end up making a product that will not sell no matter how much you sugarcoat it.

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    Show them the benefits:

    Unless you show and exhibit the benefits of the product to the customers, they will not know that it is made for them. Demonstrate the attributes of the product to them through different modes of advertisement and promotion like TV and print ads. You can also give away free samples to the customers so that once they experience your product and like it, they will buy the standard sizes themselves.

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    Do better than competitors:

    There will be many out there who will be making the same offer to your customer. You have to stand out and beat them in the offer. Notice what your customers are proposing to people and develop your own better than that. However, make sure that in the pursuit of beating customers and doing better than them, do not compromise on your business profitability. You can beat competition through offering better quality, lower prices and customizing or differentiating the product from others in the market.

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    Value trade off:

    The value trade off means that you have to satisfy the customers that the value of what they are paying you is equal to what you are giving them in return. In short the product is worth the price. The higher the price, the more value you have to create so that your offer cannot be rejected and you gain satisfied customers.

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