How to Capture Your Readers Attention

Attention catching of your reader is one of the most vital aspects, when you are preparing something that gets viewed by common public. Readers tend to avoid the sorts of publishing which are absolutely dry in their content. They like to read the ones which contain animations and several other things that can add colours to the text. Same is the reason that the school books of children and even grown-ups contain a fair amount of annotations and diagrammatic descriptions. This serves the purpose of making the text interesting to read and the reader of the text is not bored. Boredom often comes into play when there is just a simple sort of text going on and on throughout the course of the publishing. The aspect is a vital one to be addressed and with the proper techniques, this simple text can become an eye catching text and an interesting one as well. Several parameters need to be addressed in this regard and down below, a few of the things that will help make the text much more interesting are discussed.


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    The basic step in achieving the prospect of your text becoming interesting is that the text itself must not be in one long paragraph. Rather, the text portion of the book must be divided into short paragraphs. This helps establish the interest of the reader in the book and will serve for the better purpose.

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    After doing this, one must look to add colour as well to the text that the reader has to go through. A dull text might discourage the reader and this issue can be better handled if colours are added to the text. Headings can be given and displayed in different colours so that all the things give a look of an organised text.

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    Apart from these, pictures may be added along with the text to spark interest from the user of the books. These pictures however must be related to the content of the text and pictures which do not have anything to do with the text must be discouraged to be added.

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    A summary will also serve the purpose of the reader as they can get a quick glance at the actual message of the text. This must be comprehended well.

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    Finally, contents should be added at the beginning of the book so that the reader can access the part of the text that he wants to actually go through, ignoring the irrelevant one.

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