How to Sell Your Blog

Blogging is one of the best sources of earning money online. It takes a little hard work and few tactics to make your blog successful. There are mainly two ways of earnings through blog, one is to earn periodically by displaying different ads and the other is to earn at once by selling a successfully running blog as a final product to anyone who wishes to make it his own source of income.

If you are looking forward to sell your blog in order to earn good amount of money, here is how you can do it.


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    Make a good blog

    First of all, you have to make a good blog. You cannot sell your blog at a good price, if you have not created one in the first place. To create a successful blog, you have to find a popular topic for it. Choosing a topic is the most important step in blogging. You should select a topic on which you can find plenty of material to write and publish your articles. Furthermore, it is extremely important for you to publish quality content regularly in order to improve your ranking on the internet.

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    Engage and retain your readers

    The success or failure of your blog depends on your readers. If you have been able to attract a good number of people and have managed to retain them, you can make your blog successful. On the other hand, if you have worked really hard to find a topic for your blog and have posted periodically, but failed to engage and retain your readers, you will not be able to take any benefit. You should give timely replies to your readers’ comments and welcome their feedback on the related posts.

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    Assess your blog’s competitiveness

    Assessing your blog’s competitiveness is one of the most crucial things to do. If your blog appears in the search results amongst top links, it means you are successful in your struggles. Furthermore, you have to keep on introducing new things in your blog so as to make it different from your competitors to attract more audience.

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    Estimate revenues

    After developing a good blog, you have to estimate your revenues. First, you need to assess the potential of your topic to earn revenue on per click basis. Then, you will make an estimate about the total value of your blog.

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