How to Create Your First Blog Post with WordPress

So, you have just created an account on WordPress and now you want to start blogging like professionals do! Deciding to create a blog is the easy part, but planning what you will write in it will be a more trying task…However, it will be great practice for planning your blog writing as you will be expected to create multiple posts for your readers.

When newbies, who are as passionate about blogging as professional are, create an account on WordPress, they often worry themselves sick for the first few weeks as to how to write their first post. Due to several options and buttons on WordPress dashboard, new bloggers usually get confused.


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    Log in and click the tab “Posts”

    Log into your WordPress account. Once logged in, you will be redirected to the dashboard where you can see several tabs and options. On the left side of the menu bar, you will see a tab “Posts.” Click this link and you will be taken to a new page. When you click the tab “Posts,” you are redirected to a new page. This page contains a list of posts that you have already written. You can edit these posts (if any), read them and even delete them. But since you are blogging for the first time, this page will show nothing as you have yet to write a post.

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    Click “Add New”

    When you have entered a new page after clicking “Posts,” you can see an automated post (by WordPress) titled “Hello World.” Ignore this post and see a tab “Add New” under this post. Click “Add New” and get ready to write your first posts at WordPress.

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    Use title and text body

    When you click “Add New,” a text box with a toolbar opens, where you can write the body of your post. At the top of the text box, you will see title bar. Write the title of your post in the title bar. Title of your post is very important as it will help the readers find you more easily on Google and other key search engines. Moreover, title also serves as the headline of your article (post). You can write creative words to attract the readers. Be sure to use the keywords in your title that are search engine friendly and unique from other blogs.

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    Use Editor

    Once you have written text in the body, you can use Editor to change the fonts, highlight different keywords, and remove the lines if you like.

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    Click “Publish”

    After you are done with writing and editing, you can click the button “Publish” given below. Your first post is ready. Enjoy reading it and share it with your friends on social media and other forums.

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