How to Create an Online Resume using WordPress

Having a resume is a must-do thing in today’s job market and professionals without a resume are not given the importance they deserve. If you are worried about you image want to build a profile that highlights your ability, education, experience in great detail, then you should think of using WordPress as your next resume.

WordPress is good platform to build a resume of yours as the blogging service allows you to create pages and add content according to your need. These days, several people are benefitting from WordPress as employers can get a better idea of what you can do to them after they hire you.


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    Get WordPress

    Get WordPress hosting if you want to make a proper resume that includes in detail your career experience, education, life experience that reflects your personality, and other relevant information that the employer may find interesting. You can get WordPress hosting at Do not use as it is not a self-hosted blogging service, rather it lets you use some of its space to create your own blog. So you need some authority, making static pages that describe yourself.  A self-hosted site of WordPress will cost you some money, but it is worth it as self-hosted blogs rank better and attract a lot of traffic.

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    Install WordPress and an attractive theme

    WordPress provides you plenty of plug-ins that you can install to your site as well. Once installed, you can start adding pages to your WordPress blog. It is recommended that you choose a hosting name that matches your own name.

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    Start creating the pages

    Since you have bought the hosting for a resume, you need to create pages that highlight you before employer or people associated with your industry. The role of resume is not limited to finding a job, you may be running your own business and you need to spread the word about you and your business interested parties in the market.

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    Make the front page your home page

    When you create a blog, the first page is usually the one that features the latest posts or updates. Since you want a static page that shows your resume and profile, you need the landing page of your WordPress site to be home page.

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    Add other pages

    Use options to make more pages such as Experience, About Me that includes your bio data and basic info, Success Story, Volunteerism, Work History, Ambitions, Contact Me, etc. These are some of the examples that people usually use when they make their resume on WordPress.

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