How to Solve the Blogging Puzzle

Solving a puzzle becomes quite frustrating at times. It needs real focus and concentration to finish the job in style. Furthermore, patience is the key in this game. No puzzle is unsolvable. And if you are failing time and again, there is something you need to work on.

Puzzles keep kids entertained for days. After several hours of trying, a lot of people come to a point where they want to quit. There is no need to become frustrated and throw the whole box away at this stage.

The human mind does not work properly in frustration. Therefore, you need to relax by taking a few long breaths, and then change your approach. Another thing you can do to regain your focus is to leave the puzzle for a while.

It is imperative that you don’t think about the puzzle during the break. Come back with fresh eyes, and start seeing the pieces that you overlooked before. There are a few crucial things to keep in mind, when solving a blogging puzzle.


  • 1

    Build the frame first

    Without the frame, one can easily lose sight of how all the pieces fit together. It is probably the most common-sense thing to do at first. You cannot afford to just dive in, and start trying to put things together.

    If you don’t have a frame in front of you, things could look vague and nebulous. A structure helps you understand the dimensions and the importance of each piece.

    The same rule applies in blogging. You cannot produce good results in the very beginning. You will have to work really hard and wait for days or even weeks to reach the destination.

    A blog needs a solid foundation just like the initial frame of the puzzle. After getting a good design, you start putting in things one by one.

  • 2

    Look at the big picture

    When solving a puzzle, it is important to have the big picture in mind. A lot of pieces that we ignore initially could actually prove very useful. Similarly in blogging, no one can afford to ignore little elements. If you feel that there is no point of SEO, you cannot be more wrong. To solve the blogging puzzle, don’t ignore even a little piece.

  • 3

    Be patient and Focus

    Just like a 1000-piece puzzle, blogging needs dedication, patience and commitment. If you don’t get a good result through one particular approach, come up with a new one.

    Instead of focussing only on one area, get a new set of pieces and start working on an entirely unrelated section.

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