How to Fail Productively as a Blogger

Failure isn’t always bad – it can be a blessing in disguise too. And when it comes to blogging, this reality gets even clearer.

Creating a blog and running it successfully to make money from it, is not easy. Things start to get messy when you pour plenty of money into your blog and nothing happens. You end up as a loser and life moves on.

There might by many downsides to failing as a blogger, but the time and money spent on it should never go down the drain. There are several ways to fail successfully and productively as a blogger.


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    Willingness to fail and then strike back

    Blogging can be a mind-numbing job and it can be even more frustrating when you see that your posts sit idle for months, without driving traffic. Most of the new bloggers like you, want to see results overnight because they think it does not take a rocket scientist to get the blog off the ground. So be ready to face failure. Believing in yourself is a good thing, but outside factors can cripple your blog, despite spending a lot of money on it and a executing a hard-hitting marketing plan.

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    Make a list of what you learned while blogging

    When you fail as a blogger, it does not mean that you walk away with nothing in your hands. You still gain a lot. But if you let the failure overshadow the things you learned in the process, then you have failed very unproductively.

    Suppose you had to shut down your blog recently, as it did not reap the results you had expected. And to make matters worse, you spent plenty of money on writers, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google AdWords.

    You can still get that sense of feeling that highlights the benefits you got while blogging.

    Just try to detect what caused failure;

    - Underestimating competitors: You must have learned that underestimating rivals could prove fatal. And especially in the blog world, there is no room to complacency. You might have done something wrong and let your competitors overrun you.

    - Poor content management: Was your content management flawed? Ask this question and revisit your strategy. You might have been obsessed with the amount of content and comprised the quality. Content without quality often turns off the readers. So, the next blogging you embark on should have no room to cheap content.

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