Top 10 Self Improvement Blogs

A person develops over time mentally and physically. We all have our good qualities and bad qualities. As you progress in life you do well, make a lot of mistakes and realize that there is room for improving. Striving for better so that you stay happy and keep people around you content is very important. If you are interested in self improvement, the article lists the top ten blogs for which will definitely help you.


  • 1

    Vision Thing by Bruce Eisner

    This blog inspires a person and keeps one energized. It tells you to be your real self, stay empowered and have control over your decisions.

  • 2

    Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

    The blogger is the author of the best seller book with the same name. it has been published in 35 languages worldwide. His blog is inspirational and compels you to be free and independent.

  • 3

    Personal Development blog by Steve Pavlina

    He is a big name in the niche of personal development.  The blog gives practical and smart insights on how to become better and chose the path to self improvement. The blog has a slogan of Personal Development for Smart People.

  • 4

    Stepcase Lifehack

    It is a very popular blog and has a lot of variety in terms of writers and topics. The blog covers areas such as productivity, lifestyle, technology and management. It has the advantage that it gives you view of different knowledgeable people.

  • 5

    The Positivity Blog by Henrik Edberg

    The blogger is also the author of The Power of Positivity. The blog is mostly about how to improve your social life and stay happy and healthy. The blog is popular and very easy to understand.

  • 6

    Zen Habits by Leo Babauta

    The blogs deals with daily life situations faced by a common man and how to live simply and happily. The blogger also published A Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life. He believes that the simplicity is the key to betterment.

  • 7

    Pick the Brain

    The blog started in 2006 and mainly focuses on personal productivity. It informs the reader about how to stay motivated. There are many topics and the blog has a broad scope.

  • 8

    Life Optimizer

    The blog is mainly focused on personal growth. It comprehensively shows how to grow and improve effectively. It is said to be one of the best.

  • 9

    Get More From Life
    The blog is very interactive. The blogger started writing down experiences and ideas. It also answers questions of readers and provides guidance.

  • 10

    On Simplicity

    The blog is all about simplicity and hoe it makes life easy for you and helps you become a better person.

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