20 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

WordPress has made our lives simple and easier. It is an extremely impressive and sophisticated Content Management System (CMS).  Now everything is managed accurately such as setup, upgrades, security, spam, backups and many more. Whether you are a blogger or a webmaster running content management system, WordPress would have provided you an ease which no other CMS could have.

WordPress is easiest, mainly because of thousands of plug-ins freely available for everyone. Due to a huge database of plug-ins, it’s hard to find the appropriate one, especially for newbie webmasters or those new to WordPress.

If you’re looking for plug-ins to ease the backup process, this list will help you find the appropriate one for particular backup tasks.


  • 1


    Author: Sorin Iclanzan

    In order to get backups for WordPress, Backup is a plug-in that allows you to take backups for WordPress. They are usually zip achieves, and are locally created to upload any folder on Google Drive.

  • 2


    Author: cloudsafe365

    Cloudsafe365 helps you to protect the WordPress site from hackers. It has the ability to offers online backups. Besides that, it offers content protection and security on your WordPress website.

  • 3

    InfiniteWP Client

    Author: infinitewp

    This plug-in can be installed on unlimited sites simultaneously, and allows users to manage from their own server. So, if you have multiple sites, and have a separate server just for backups, this one is perfect!

  • 4

    Online Backups for WordPress

    Author: driskell

    Online Backups for WordPress provides you the facility to encrypt your backup data. This helps you to protect your data when it is downloaded, stored or emailed.

  • 5

    Backup WordPress

    Author: humanmade, Joe Hoyle, mattheu, tcrsavage, Tom Willmot

    This plug-in is extremely simple to use. The most attractive part of this utility is that it works in low memory, and has the ability to share host environments. It usually operates on Linux & Windows server. It’s best if you’re on shared hosting.

  • 6

    WordPress Backup to Dropbox

    Author: Michael De Wildt

    If you back up your blog on daily basis, then WordPress Backup to Dropbox is the best plug-in that gives you serenity in protecting your data. Unlike other plug-ins, WordPress Backup to Dropbox is quite efficient and simple to use. You can set your backup anywhere and on your server as well.

  • 7

    WordPress Move

    Author: Mert Yazicioglu

    WordPress Move has the ability to change your domain name anytime that is currently in use. In addition, it also allows you to migrate your installation and database to another server. Weird useful while shifting server!

  • 8

    XCloner - Backup and Restore

    Author: Xcloner

    XCloner-Backup and Restore is a full fledged plug-in, to create custom and automatic backups. You have the option to restore it in any location you want to. In addition, you can also share your custom backups with your clients.

  • 9


    Author: Cory Lamle

    The Duplicator plug-in has the capability to move from one location to another. You just need to follow 3 steps. First of all, you need to do a package creation, then download it and finally install it. This plug-in is considered to be an easy backup utility.

  • 10


    Author: Ozzy Czech

    This plug-in serves as separate category to store Tweet on your WordPress website, and on your blog posts.

  • 11

    Snapshot Backup

    Author: Jay Versluis

    Snapshot Backup allows you to take backups of the complete website. Therefore, FTP repository is uploaded with a resulting archive file. You have the option to take one FTP repository for snapshots from different sites.

  • 12

    myRepone WordPress Backup Plug-in

    Author: Ionix

    It’s meant to secure backup of WordPress website and my SQL database. It is an online service that facilitates you to automate the process of backing up your whole website.

  • 13

    IDrive for WordPress

    Author: Idrivee

    IDrive Plug-in is very simple to use and is particularly designed to backup WordPress blog data. The backup data is stored in IDrive online backup account. You have an immediate access to your WordPress backup. In addition to that, it also provides scheduled backups and has all the wp-content/uploads including SQL database.

  • 14

    Movable Type Backup Importer

    Author: Roger Dudler

    Now, you can shift Movable Type backups easily through this plug-in instead of exporting them. It allows you to import posts, tags, categories, comments and many more from your Moveable Type blog.

  • 15

    Lime Export

    Author: Siyan Panayotov

    Lime Export enables you to export WordPress core along with non-standard tables. Your database can be saved as snapshot. Besides that, it can be viewed, managed and can easily download previous snapshots.

  • 16


    Author: Infinimediainc

    Pressbackup is one of the simplest plug-ins that enables a secure backup for your wordpresss website automatically. By using this plug-in, you can have a schedule backup of your wordpress site. In case there is a server failure you can restore or export it.

  • 17

    WP Migrate DB

    Author: Brad Touesnard

    You can export your database by using this plug-in. In addition, you can do a find and replace on URLs and file paths, so that you can save it on your computer.

  • 18

    CodeTree Backup

    Author: Ryan Huff, The CodeTree

    Now you can backup your plug-in, themes and upload folder by using this simple plug-in. Besides that, it allows you to have a complete copy of the database.

  • 19

    Local storage backup

    Author: Cronco

    This is a simple utility that enables you to backup your post, whenever there is connection failure while you are editing a post.

  • 20

    HL Twitter

    Author: dachande663

    Now you can easily store tweets from many accounts. It can be exuded through archives, widgets, shortcodes and auto-tweeting new posts.

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