How to Get an MFA in Creative Writing

Creative writing is a thing which can not only give you a sense of achievement but you can also make decent amount of money by pursuing it as a profession. Though, writing is an inborn ability but you can polish up your skills by joining an institute. Getting a MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in creative writing can be really beneficial. Several factors are involved in this process and you will have to keep in mind your financial condition, the validity of degree and status of the institution.

These considerations can double the trouble for you but some simple directions can make things easier.


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    Evaluate yourself:

    First thing you need to do is to evaluate yourself. You must be true and honest to you and determine whether you really possess some writing talent or not. You must know that the creative writing is not an easy job. Ask yourself whether you are ready to challenge your abilities or not. You should go for a MFA in creative writing only if the answers satisfy you.

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    Choose the programme:

    Once you are determined to get a master’s degree, you should do some research before choosing a programme. You can browse internet for this purpose or simply ask those who have attained a master’s degree. However, the best guidance will come from the professionals so do some field work and ask them about the programme. You must go for such a programme which can provide you the maximum opportunities to polish up your creative writing skills.

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    Check the expenses:

    Though, every prominent educational institute offers a degree programme on creative writing skills but most of them are really expensive. You must consider your financial position before applying for an admission. You do not want to put extra burden on the shoulders of your guardian so try to get some scholarship or student discount in fee structure.

    Another option is to find a part time job to handle all the expenditures, but will you be able to perform double duty?

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    Future of the degree:

    Last but not the least; you should consider the future of this degree. Mostly, people having a MFA in creative writing find place in journalism, script writing or teaching. Web content developing has also become an unconventional way of earning in last few years. You should ask yourself whether you are comfortable with these professions or not.

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