Make Pancakes from Scratch for Kids

Pancakes are a popular breakfast choice in many parts of the world. Most people want something light in the morning, yet filling, so they don’t feel sluggish but not hungry soon after either. Fortunately for you, making pancakes is really easy, all you need is a few simple ingredients and you’ll have a delicious pancake ready in no time.

Given how quickly they can be prepared, pancakes are ideal for school lunches and snacks for your kids when you are short on time. While you can also get pancake mixes from your local market, the recipe below will help you make amazing pancakes from scratch!

Ingredients Required

– 2 Eggs
– 2 table spoon sugar
– 1 ¼ cups of flour
–  Cooking Oil
–  Butter
– 1 ½ cups of milk
– Salt
– Water
–  A large bowl for mixing the material


  • 1

    Before adding the pancake mix into the frying pan, decide if you want to heat the pan with butter or cooking oil.

  • 2

    Next step is to add 1 ¼ cups of flour, 2 eggs, and 1 ½ cup of milk in to a large mixing bowl and mix it all. Keep mixing until all ingredients are in a liquid form and there are no lumps. You also need to keep adding water until the batter is in a balanced form (not too thick or thin). Your pancakes will come out thicker if the batter is too heavy.

  • 3

    If you are using butter for cooking in the pan, make sure it turns slightly brown before pouring your batter into it. Use only a teaspoon of butter and carefully place your batter on the pan and let it fry for 2-4 minutes. In case you are using cooking oil, make sure the oil is warm enough before placing the batter.

  • 4

    You will know that your pancake is done when you see that the top is dry with bubbles appearing on it. Take good care while flipping them over and repeat the above procedure with the other side.

  • 5

    After both sides of the pancake are complete, remove it from the pan and carefully place it on a large plate for it to cool down a bit. You can now serve these pancakes with a syrup of your choice.

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