Must Have Makeup Brushes in Your Kit

The most important tool for applying makeup are the brushes, which plays an eminent role in producing amazing results and perfect sparkly look. There are numerous brushes of different sizes and shapes, which most of the time confuses us to judge what exactly are we looking for.

Whether you are a makeup artist or a normal person who loves to enhance her beautiful features by using cosmetic products, you should know which are the important tools required to attain an extraordinary look.

Not having enough knowledge about the brushes have forced many people to waste their money by buying expensive tools. The following steps will give you detail information and provide you prper guidance related to brushes.


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    As you know for different areas on your face distinctive brushes are used. While selecting them do keep this thing in mind that you will be using this tool on your face, the hair on the brush should be really fine and smooth. Your aim is not to hurt yourself, but to look glamorous, never choose low quality product for your face.

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    Eyes, cheeks, lips and cheek bones are the areas where brushes are used, but for every region different shape of tool is required.

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    Among various types of brushes the most important ones are the Synthetic, Natural, Sable and Mineral makeup brushes. There shapes and the usage show how they are difference from each other.

    Explanation of each type is as follow:
    a) Synthetic Makeup Brushes, the fiber used in these brushes is synthetic which is perfect for application of creamy based products.
    b) Sable Makeup Brushes, are makeup expert’s most ideal type, due to its sleek and thin structure. With these brushes you can easily play with your favourite shades while applying it on eyes. You can conveniently handle them and blend the shades effectively.
    c) Mineral Makeup Brushes, are used to apply mineral makeup Kabuki brushes are the best choice, because the coverage is huge.
    d) Natural Makeup Brushes, these brushes are best for powdered base makeup. It can easily handle and spread the shade on your skin.

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    The first category of makeup brush is the Concealer Brush, which is used to cover the uneven tone around the eyes. Starting from the flat side which is used for larger areas the tip of the brush is slightly pointed to cover the inner corners.

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    The Eye Liner Brushes have many varieties, the main ones are as follow:

    a) Flat Stiff Brush,
    a flat shape tool is used to pat shade on the eye lid, as the name tells it is slightly stiff, which helps in picking up a moderate amount of shade.
    b) Stiff Dome Brush, is one of the ideal type, to acquire Smokey look, the stiff fiber and dome shape helps in applying colour effectively on the crease of the eye.
    c) Soft Dome Brush, is quite similar to Stiff Dome, but it can blend the shade smoothly and creates a softer look.
    d) Pencil Brush, the lower portion of the eye can never be ignored, you can never attain a complete look until you smudge eyeshadow with a Pencil Brush on the lashline.

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    Blushon Brushes are huge as compared to other categories of brushes because they have to cover large areas. Few important types of brushes are explained below:

    a) Highlighter Brush:
    it’s used for the lighter application of foundation and to contour the cheekbones.
    b) Angled Brushes: due to the shape of this brush you can pick lesser amount of colour and evenly spread it on your cheeks.
    c) Stipping Brush: the most common type of brush is made up of stiff fiber which helps in holding the shade easily.

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    The eyebrow brushes are made up of strong fiber and it is basically a grooming tool to evenly brush your eyebrows.

    These are the main makeup brushes, which should always be present in your kit so that you can properly put on makeup and effectively prepare yourself for a special occasion.

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    To apply lavishing lip colours a brush with sleek and slim structure and high grade fiber but the texture should soft is required.

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