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Burberry Group is a British fashion house, manufacturing a wide variety of clothing, scents, and styling accessories. Their characteristic chequered pattern has become one of their most extensively imitated trademarks. Burberry is most renowned for its iconic trench wool, which was made-up by founder, Thomas Burberry. The company has branded stores and franchises just about anywhere in the world, and also sells through concessions in third-party stores.  According to Business Weekly, Burberry is the 98th most expensive product in the world.

A friend of mine’s trip to China was an eye opener when it comes to designer bags.  In the rest of the article below, I have explained what real Burberry handbag should be like. I have also listed some links in the steps below to help you spot fakes.


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    We’ll start up with a genuine Burberry bag pattern. Available in Classic and Nova Check bags, Burberry handbags should come in a vinyl covered canvas which is same as some types of leather. The stuff is extremely strong and thus maintains the traits of a proper Burberry bag.

    Ladies need not to worry about falling apart of the purse when blustering down the street. The standard Check pattern is a combination of flat and upright red, black and white stripes which are converging on a coffee colored print. The Nova Check is light in color having the same colored stripes with the exception of red, which is closer to a pink shade. Remember to visit the Burberry website to get acquainted with the designs as they are quite unique.

    The stripes in a fake Burberry may be unclearly spread and often messed up. These stripes must be straight and clear to look real. For a Burberry bag with isolated sides, the two must be a mirroring each other giving an identical look. Otherwise, this is another indication that your handbag is fake.

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    Your bag’s interior shouldn’t be of artificial leather. To be realistic, Burberry would never offer something of inferior standard. The lining of genuine Burberry handbags is usually printed black, beige pigskin suede or Burberry Signature Fabric having bulky type of fabric with Burberry woven in silky thread.

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    If there is a label that is quite clearly visible on the outside of the bag, then the bag is not genuine and more like a tan on Malibu Barbie. Burberry bags were previously manufactured in Italy, with interior plates of either a leather tab with words stamped or a metal plate imprinted with "Burberry-London." There should be a Made in Italy sign along with a letter and number series behind the leather tab with the spaces between letters, sizes and spaces positioned properly. Do note though that some of the latest designs of Burberry handbags do come with a Made in China embossed on them.

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    If there was a very dark blue paper tag and box with Burberry-London printed in silver on it, the type of packaging with your new love means it is a genuine edition. The black drawstring tans the dust cover as well. The previously available dust bags were in navy blue color having Burberry London printed in light blue at the front.

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    It is best to first visit the Burberry bags official website to ensure that you are buying a genuine one or one that is from a recognized retailer. It may not be easy to recognize a genuine bag by looking at the photos so it is better to personally hold it for examination.

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