How to Spot Fake Burberry Shirts

Burberry, a British luxury fashion house, is known globally for its expensive and first-class clothing including their modish shirts. However, nothing could be more disappointing then spending money on the counterfeiters in the market, which are more or less exact copy of the original Burberry shirts. If you buy from their designated outlets, then you are safe from being fooled by the fake product. However, if you buy it from somewhere else other than Burberry registered stores, then make sure you have the right information to differentiate between a real and a fake Burberry shirt.


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    Thoroughly study the label of the shirt

    Get a start from thoroughly study of the label on the shirt. In case, if the label on the shirt says it is “Made in China” or somewhere else other than “Made in London,” it is a fake Burberry shirt for sure.

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    Examine the logo of the shirt

    If you want to buy a real Burberry shirt and not a rip-off, then do not hesitate to closely examine the logo with a magnifying glass. Make sure that the logo of the shirt uses all capital letters like “BURBERRY.” However, if the logo is spelled something like “BURBERY,” “BURBURY,” or “Burberry’s,” it is no doubt a replica.

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    Inspect the material of the shirt

    Now, touch the fabric of the shirt, gradually run your hand over it, and try to feel it. The material of the original Burberry shirt should be sturdy and expensive. If the material of the shirt is rough and low quality, then you definitely, need to question the authenticity of the so-called Burberry shirt.

  • 4

    Look at the stitching of the shirt

    Burberry shirts are known for throughout the world for their best quality craftsmanship. Burberry’s shirts are sophisticated and double stitched. If the shirt you want to purchase has menial and uneven stitching, fabric glue, faulty zipper, or mismatched buttons, it is no doubt a knock-off.

  • 5

    Check the patterns on the shirt

    Examine the patterns of the shirt thoroughly. If you find perfectly horizontal Nova Check lines on the shirt from one end to the other, it is an original Burberry shirt. However, diagonal check lines are clear-cut indication of a fake Burberry shirt.

  • 6

    Examine the price tag of the shirt

    Do not surprise to pay hundreds dollars for authentic Burberry shirts, as they range from $115 up to $295. Fake Burberry may have low price tag in order to entice you.

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