How To Check If Nike Sneakers Are Fake

Nike sneakers are one of the most common sneakers being produced around the world. The nature of its global appeal, has created an avenue where a lot of counterfeits have also been produced globally.

More often than otherwise, people buy fake pairs without immediate realization and only realize they’re  fake when it’s too late to return them. In order to avoid buying fake pairs, you must stay informed by being able to differentiate original from fake.

Whether you are making a purchase online or visiting a nearby shoe store, you should be able to distinguish between the real and fake versions to avoid getting taken for a ride. Read on to find out more on how to check if Nike sneakers are fake:


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    The price

    One of the fundamental ways to detect if Nike sneakers are fake is by how much they cost. If you’ve purchased an original pair before, then you should have some idea of what they should cost. If the price of the next pair you are planning to buy has been significantly reduced, then there is a high probability they're fake.

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    Website ratings and review

    Possibly, you are looking to buy your Nike Sneakers online then you must thoroughly examine the website’s ratings and reviews. If both ratings and reviews are poor, then be sure it’s a sign indicating the seller is not to be trusted.

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    Release dates

    If the Nike shoes become available before the official release dates, don’t waste your time buying: they're fake!

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    Analyze carefully the package in which they've been stocked in. Most fake Nike shoes don’t come in original boxes. Instead, they come in ordinary plastic bags or sometimes don’t come with any form of packaging at all.

    Also beware of the ones that come in boxes that are pretty much alike with those of the original Nike boxes. The boxes containing the fake ones are usually fragile compared to the original ones that are usually hard.

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    SKU number on the box and Label

    Every genuine pair of Nike sneakers usually comes with an SKU number that is identical to the one on its box. If these numbers don’t match, then they're fakes. Also check labels and make sure they don't contain outdated sizing or manufacturing dates otherwise they're fake.

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    Shoe condition

    If you’ve owned a pair of Nikes before, compare them with the new ones you are looking to get. If you notice a difference in quality, then the new ones are fake. Also take note, that original ones are usually softer and grayer than fakes ones. Also, real Nike shoes are usually fully laced while the fake ones tend to skip one or more lacing holes.

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    These tips are fairly straight forward and if you use them, you can avoid making the wrong purchase with your hard earned money.

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