How to Spot a Fake Gucci Peggy

Gucci is one of the most famous brands known for their leather products and fashion accessories since a long time. Founded in 1921 in Florence, it rapidly gained popularity and is now a fashion symbol. Girls love peggy bags because they are meant for all occasions and there is no hassle of arranging things since they come with a sufficient amount of well designed pockets. Gucci bags are a choice of all those who want to stay in fashion but we also know that they are not in everyone’s reach which is why many replicas are created with lower prices, making it easier to buy but difficult to know which one’s a real one.  But there are always some trademarks that are left behind and are specific to the real brands only. The steps below will be your guide to spot a fake GUCCI peggy.


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    Check the Size of the Peggy :

    A bag that goes well with all outfits and is also perfect for every occasion is what every girl wants. Peggy bags are such bags that are easy to carry everywhere and come in two sizes; large and medium. If you happen to buy a bag that is not according to the below mentioned size, then you probably have hit the fake store.  For a medium sized peggy bag, the legitimate size is 14''x 10''x 4''and that of a large one, the right size is 17.3''x 11.8''x 4.8''. Replicas are never of the same size.

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    Counterfeits Advertised as a Gift Suggestion:

    A fake gift brings disgrace and many a times, counterfeits publicize fake peggy bags as a suggestion for a gift so that they are not diligently checked.

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    Fake Peggy Bags with No Price Tags:

    Also spot the presence or absence of a price tag since an absence means that it’s a fake one, because the real ones always have a price tag.

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    Low Priced Materials for Gucci Peggy Bag Replicas:

    Inspect the material with which the bag has been manufactured. A real bag is a self speaking GUCCI bag with high quality leather, zippers and buckles and the fake ones are created with low priced materials like a leather substitute.

  • 5

    Beware of the Spelling Mistake in the GUCCI Logo:

    Sometimes the customer abruptly decides to buy a bag but later realizes that the logo was a fake one. Make sure that the logo of the bags are written with correct spellings since there are times when the replicas have wrong spellings in just one letter like C in place of G or so.

  • 6

    Replicas with dust Bags made of silk:

    Branded peggy bags come with dust bags made of pure cotton. Spot the counterfeits by examining the material of those dust bags. The real ones are manufactured with pure cotton. On the other side, if you find a dust bag made of silk then it’s a fake one.

  • 7

    Zippers with no GUCCI signatures:

    The GUCCI name is engraved on the zippers and the absence of which shows that the bag is a replica. You will only find stickers in place instead of GUCCI initials.

  • 8

    The Knock-offs with Fake or No Serial Number:

    While buying, if you get a serial number that starts with zeros, or you do not get a GUCCI serial number at all by the seller that is inside the branded peggy bag by the GUCCI manufacturer, then the bag is an imitation.

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