How to Spot a Fake Ray-Ban Aviator

Every person in this modern world grows up with a passion to wear brands and this is why the market is flooded by fake designer products. Unfortunately, Ray-Ban is one of those products which are influenced more by the replicas available in the market and you can see thousands of types of fake Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses everywhere.

People are still willing to buy for the original products and sometime they find themselves in great trouble when they pay the price of original ones and get a replica in return. If you are also going to buy Ray-Ban aviators then please read the following guide, which will enable you to differentiate between the original Ray-Ban aviator and replicas.


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    Check the Made in Country

    You can easily find some Ray-Ban aviators with “Made in USA” tag. Ray-Ban was owned by a USA company until 1998 and after that the USA version of Ray-Ban aviators was discontinuous and was replaced by "Made in Italy" version. You can also find millions of Ray-Ban replicas that are shipped from China, Malaysia and Thailand, so be aware before buying from these countries.

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    Check Carved Bridge of Ray-Ban Aviator

    The Carved Bridge helps a lot in differentiating between the authentic and fake Ray-Ban Aviator. The carved bridge of real Ray-Ban Aviator contains the word “RAY-BAN” in bold letters. It will be followed by the width of the glasses’ lens and the length of the carved bridge in millimeters, right on the inner side.

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    Check Lens’ Arms

    Now, come towards the lens’ arms of the under inspection Ray-Ban Aviator. The left ear’s lens arm should contain the “Model Number” of the Ray-Ban Aviator, followed by “Model's Description,” “Sub-model Number,” and “Lens Type Code.” It can look like this, “RB 3025 AVIATOR LARGE METAL W3234 55□ 14 3N.” Moreover, the length of the carved bridge and the width of the lenses should be in tune with the Bridge's engraving.

  • 4

    Check the "RB" Lenses Mark

    Carefully observe the "RB" Lenses Mark. If you look into it with concentration, the original Ray-Ban Aviator will be the one with its outline fairly irregular. On the other hand, the outline in the fake Ray-Ban Aviator will be yielding and watermark-like.

  • 5

    Check the Label of Ray-Ban Aviator

    Examine the label of the Ray-Ban Aviator. The one containing a label with the Ray-Ban logo on gray background, where it says “100% UV PROTECTION” is an imitation without any question. On the contrary, the real Ray-Ban Aviator is the one that says just “POLARIZED” and NOT something like "Ray-Ban Polarized” or “100% UV PROTECTION.”

    Note: In case if you are buying a Ray-Ban Aviator G-15, it will encompass black sticker with a background in golden color.

  • 6

    Check the case or box the Ray-Ban Aviator came in

    Now, check the box the Ray-Ban Aviator came in. The box of the original Ray-Ban Aviator will contain a sticker containing the “Model of the glasses,” “Sub-Model,” then the “Lens Type Code” and finally the “Lenses' Width in Millimeters.” For example, RB3025 W3234 3N 55. Do not forget to match it the information record on the bridge and arms painted.

    If you have Ray-Ban Aviator in a casing, then clearly inspect the logon engraved on it. The case of an authentic Ray-Ban Aviator will be the one with a gold logo imprinted/engraved on it, NOT painted at all. Ray-Ban Aviator’s case with a logo painted on it or missing is a clear sign of a knock-off.

  • 7

    Check the rubber quality on the earpieces

    Thoroughly check the quality of the rubbers on the earpieces. The real Ray-Ban Aviators always use high quality rubber with fine and smooth finish at the tip. Furthermore, should feel chalky on touching. The earpieces of the fake Ray-Ban Aviators use low-quality rubber and feel slick, stiff and sticky.

  • 8

    Check the Nosepad of the Ray-Ban Aviator

    An authentic Ray-Ban Aviator feature a “RB” logo on the inner side of its nosepad. The logo on the nosepads of unauthentic will be either missing or a fake one.

  • 9

    Check the Holding of Ray-Ban Aviator’s Nosepad

    It is the time to check out the holding of the Ray-Ban Aviator’s nosepad. The holding of a real Ray-Ban Aviator will be the one fixed very nicely and not screwed on at all. The holding of a fake Ray Ban Aviator will be screwed.

  • 10

    Check the screws  of the Ray-Ban Aviator

    All real Ray-Ban Aviators are well-equipped with the long-lasting and best quality screws, which were nicely anodized and painted over. If you notice that the under observation Ray-Ban Aviator contains low quality screww, then do not waste time in returning it as is a counterfeit.

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