How to Spot Fake Pandora Jewelries

Pandora jewelry is one of the most widely consumed and hottest brand that the world has yet seen. The rapid growth in popularity of Pandora and other reputable style bracelet companies has been followed by the rise of numerous counterfeit versions of Pandora Jewelries and other such brands. If you’ve purchased authentic ones before, then perhaps you must know by now that they don’t come entirely cheap. And for that reason, you definitely want to pay attention when purchasing one of your favorite Pandora jewelries, in order to avoid been duped with cheap knockoffs. If you are looking to make a purchase for the very first time, then this article is for you. Read on to find out more on how to spot fake Pandora products.


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    ALE marking

    Upon buying a Pandora jewelry, always check the item for a three letter marking ‘’ALE.’’ Authentic ones must feature those three letters and more so, they should be clearly and sharply inscribed, otherwise you might looking at something fake.

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    The sterling 925 and gold 585 marking

    If your Pandora jewelry is made from either a sterling or a gold material then it must watch out for the international standard and jewelry markings that usually come with them. Sterling silver must contain at least 92.5% silver, so hence the 925 marking that you’ll probably see on that Pandora sterling silver pieces. Same applies to the 14 karat gold, which must contain at least 58.5% gold. So before settling for one, check where the ALE marking is placed, you should see a neatly engraved 585, if it’s gold and 925, if it’s sterling silver.

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    Is the product on their catalog?

    This is one absolute way to determine the authenticity of your favorite Pandora bracelets. Simply go on their official website and try matching with the one you are trying to buy. If you find any sloppy end, then it’s probably because it isn’t the real thing.


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    Country of origin

    Pandora bracelets have been spotted to be produced from the US, UK and Denmark. If yours says ‘’made in China’’ it’s probably a sign that it isn’t genuine. So beware!

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    Is the seller an authorized Pandora retailer?

    According to research, Pandora products are sold through more than 10,300 authorized retailers around the world. If you are purchasing one from them, then you can be sure they are authentic, otherwise don’t make a purchase.

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    Pandora items are made from high-end materials, so in essence, they are not supposed to come entirely cheap. If the one you are looking to buy is been sold at a give-away price, then be sure it’s probably because it is a fake.

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    The last thing you want, is to spend a lot of money on acquiring a fake Pandora bracelet. And by putting these tips into consideration, it’s the last thing you need worry about.

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