Ways to Spot a Fake Rolex Watch

Rolex watches are one of the best brands around the globe and so is the case with their prices. Being one of the expensive and best sellers’ watches, the product is copied with the same proportion in the whole world and cheaters deceive the people with the use of technology by making similar watches. Sometime the situation gets very worse when a customer fails to differentiate the fake one from the real and suffers great loss.

Though it is not an easy task to spot the fake from genuine however, there are some certain methods to know the originality of Rolex watches. Sometime the Rolex watches are mixed up with those of quartz due the similarity of models. Followings are the steps which can lead the customer to recognise the real Rolex watches.


  • 1

    Do some research work on internet

    Its better to do some research work on internet to learn about the signs that differentiate the fake watches from original ones. One can google it or can visit the official website of Rolex watches in this regard.

  • 2

    Take your watch to the qualified watchmaker

    After you have purchased a watch and are in a fix whether the watch is genuine or fake, take it to a qualified watch maker he can tell you the whole story. The watch makers are normally well aware about assessing the originality of the watches.

  • 3

    Remove watch band and see the logo

    The next thing you can do with the watch is that of inspection of watch logo. If the logo is pasted on the frame the watch is bogus, and if the logo is engraved the watch is original.

  • 4

    Check between the lugs at position 6

    This is also a time tested method to know the authenticity of a watch while checking out its lugs at position 6. There will engraved registered design on the genuine watch absence of the mark will determine the watch fake.

  • 5

    Weight of watches

    The original watches of Rolex are normally very heavy than the fake and duplicate watches so it is one of the easiest methods to differentiate the two categories.

  • 6

    Colour of watches

    The colour of the watches is also quite an obvious thing to discriminate the original watches from fake ones. The Rolex watches have a golden look throughout whereas fake watches will be soaring the colours due to its fake being.

  • 7

    Triplock crown seal

    Another obvious difference between Rolex watches and fake ones is that of triplock crown seal. The original versions of Rolex have a visible look of such seals whereas the fake watches do not carry the seal.

  • 8

    Hologram Stickers

    The original models of Rolex watches are pasted hologram stickers on the case backs. The hologram stickers are tri dimensional and display various colours from different angles.

  • 9

    Case back is never clear

    One of the easiest ways to spot a fake Rolex watch is that its case back is never clear. There is only counterfeiters try to deceive the customers with clear case backs. Make sure that Rolex never make such a watch.

  • 10

    Daytona hands

    The Rolex models with Daytona hands can be differentiated by the size of hands. The fake watches have always an under-sized hand on the dials.

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