How To Spot Fake Burberry Neckties For Men

The Burberry brand is quite known for its unique and exceptional quality in the production of men’s neckties. Whether you are looking to match the perfect necktie with your work, dinner or school outfit, Burberry ties are sure to give you exactly what you want.

However, you must take note of few key things to watch out for when making a purchase of your favorite neckties and avoid being tricked into buying ordinary counterfeits. Read on to see 6 tips for spotting fake Burberry neckties for men:


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    Check for the Burberry equestrian horse logo, usually imprinted on the lower or middle portion of the necktie. A real Burberry necktie should have one and it should be clean and well seated on the necktie fabric. Also, the logo can be found on random parts of the necktie, so watch for this detail as well. If you can’t find the horse logo anywhere on the necktie, it’s a red flag.

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    Examine the label fabric attached to the necktie and the texts on it, carefully. The fabric should be made of top quality material and the text should be plainly visible. Most importantly, check to see if the equestrian horse logo is printed on it.

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    The stitches on the necktie you are looking to buy should be clean and uniform; if yours look any different, they're most definitely fake.

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    Country of origin

    Authentic Burberry neckties are made in Italy. Check the label tag on the one you are planning to buy. If it’s made somewhere else, you're best bet is to move on.

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    Analyze carefully the color of the Burberry necktie you are considering, in-terms of sharpness, fineness and distinctness. Burberry neckties are made with top quality machinery and if you find the color of the one in your hands a bit lacking in one way or the other, it’s probably just another cheap imitation.


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    The necktie should come in a small rectangular-shaped box, with the Burberry equestrian horse logo on various parts of the outer section of it. Most counterfeits will not bother to include this little detail and as a result, give themselves away.

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    As you head out shopping for some new Burberry neckties, keep these tips in mind to avoid getting deceived into buying counterfeits.

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