How To Spot Fake Armani Suits For Men

If you are looking to buy an Armani suit, there are few revealing signs to help you determine its authenticity. Although most sellers can seem pretty convincing, never go through with a purchase, without adequate examination of what you are buying.

Before taking home with you, that seemingly perfect Armani-made suit of your choice, there are as few key things to consider in other to make the best choice possible. Read on to find out 7 tips for spotting fake Armani suits for men.


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    Fabric Quality

    If you are skeptical about the quality of the Armani suit you are looking to buy, chances are, you might be right. The quality of any clothing material matters a lot and can be determined with just a look or touch. If you’ve owned one before, a light touch or look should get the job done for you.

    Real Armani suits are made from top quality material, so it should feel a bit thick in the hands. In case you come across one that is soft or too light, it’s definitely fake.

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    As far as buying a top brand designer suit like Armani is concerned, there’s no room for taking chances. The location of the place where it is being sold matters a lot. If it’s not being sold in a reputable designer shop or a reliable online website, don’t waste your time buying it.

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    One of the core factors to help you determine the authenticity of any Armani suit of your choice, is how much it is being sold for. If the price is too good to be true, there is a high probability it is fake.

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    Seller’s assurance

    How much assurance is the seller willing to give you? Is there any return policy attached to it? If there’s any, then it’s probably because the seller truly believes in their product.

    However, if the seller wants you to buy without any assurance whatsoever, that's a red flag and you should try somewhere else.

  • 5

    Country of origin

    Real Armani suits primarily are made in Italy the US of late. So if yours says, made in France or made in China, then it has fake written all over it.


  • 6

    Stitch pattern

    Armani suits are constructed with top quality machines, so the stitching patterns should be perfect. If you spot any irregularities anywhere on the suit, it’s probably not the genuine thing.

  • 7

    Label texts

    The written texts on the label should be sharply outlined, with no visible errors. Also the piece of fabric used as the label should be top quality material. It should also contain the correct sizes of the suits with other relevant information. If you can’t find the size on your suit label, it's a definite fake.

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    Armani suits are known for their simple and somewhat elegant styles that will look absolutely tremendous on anyone spotted with it. Whether you are buying one for yourself or for someone else, don’t forget to examine them thoroughly by making use of these 8 tips as stated above.

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