How to Spot Fake Armani Goggles

Indicating flaws in a fake Armani goggle is not a tough task because Armani pays a lot of attention on each product, which is why you can easily distinguish between the real and bogus item. Armani goggles have an immense amount of detail work on them  which you will never able to see in fake items. Though some copies do look very good and are deceiving so it becomes hard for us to distinguish between fake and genuine goggles.  There are some general tips which will help you in buying an authentic product; first of all consider where are you buying it from? If you are buying them online, then make sure it’s a genuine Armani website because there are several fake websites that may accomplish conning you. Secondly where are you? Are you in a market stall or in a small back street for shopping? If so then the chance of buying fake Armani goggles is high, because Armani is not at all stocking those stalls and whatever you are buying is not original.


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    Signature identification:

    Under Giorgio’s label, Armani goggles are being produced and this is why every pair of glasses have a signature printed on the left side of goggle’s lenses. Replica makers are not able to copy the signature so they simply print the name 'Giorgio Armani' on the goggles. A glaring difference that can be seen between real and fake signature can easily be distinguished through the image inserted in this step.

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    Logo Identification:

    Armani’s eagle logo is usually carved on the leg of the goggles. Bogus goggles will have an eagle but if you carefully observe the logo, the eagle’s head is not properly defined and is actually rough.

  • 3

    Made in Tag Identification:

    A genuine Armani Goggle will have ‘Made in Italy’ tag printed on the right side of the leg. Fake ones will not have such information printed on the product and even if they do, it will be printed on the wrong side with probably wrong spellings.

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    Nosepiece Identification:

    Nosepieces of Armani goggles have Armani logo on them whereas the fake goggles will have a simple piece of rubber. The image shows there is a fake goggle and a real one. The fake one, instead of having an additional material, has used the same material for the nosepiece of which glasses are made from. And the curve and width of the nosepiece used in original goggles is entirely different from its copy.

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    Price Identification:

    Armani goggles have a high price range and if you find a sales man selling an Armani goggle at a cheaper rate, then that is definitely a copy of Armani goggles. Armani is known for producing a product which is durable and stylish and that is why a high price range is for sure worth it.

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    Material Identification:

    Fine quality of material is used in Armani goggles, unlike the bogus glasses which use light weight, rough and cheap quality plastic. This makes it easier for a shopper to identify whether the goggles are original or fake.

  • 7

    Legs Identification:

    Carefully observe the legs of the goggles; legs of Armani goggles close smoothly, without making any sound but on the other hand, the legs of fake goggles are entirely different and they also have a joint in the middle.

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    Lenses Identification of Armani Goggles:

    A fake goggle have very cheap quality lenses that do not provide any protection from the sun rays. On the other hand, real Armani goggles have darker lenses which are also of good quality.

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    Item Code Identification of Armani Goggles:

    Do not forget to check the item code number. Every Armani goggle has an item code made up of 14 characters; it may contain numbers and alphabets.

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