How to Spot a Fake Diamond

Diamond being the most precious stone in this world is adored by several ladies. With the increase in economy, the price of this stone is also getting out of reach, due to which many jewelers who are not honest with their customers are trying to sell fake diamonds.

These expert con men are so professional that it has been really hard for person to judge, the real stone for which they might put their precious amount, because sometimes they end up throwing their money in drain by buying something which they were not requiring.

Well there is no as such technical way to spot the real diamond for a common person, but besides being careful there are few tips available to unveil the originality.


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    The first thing before you shop for a diamond, prefer visiting a reliable jeweler shop because they will definitely think ten times before selling a fake stone to their guests.

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    When you are planning to buy a diamond, try investigating as much as you can from the jeweler and do judge his gestures, because few con men can be recognized through their way of communication.

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    While selecting a diamond, check whether it has any scratches on it, a real diamond has no scratches while few stones which resembles diamond like, moissanite makes scratches visible when it is scratched.

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    Another perfect method to distinguish a real and fake stone is by seeing through it. When a light is refracted through the diamond you can easily see through it, whereas other stones do not possess this quality.

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    During the selection of your favourite stone, ask the jeweler to show you few in gold as well as sliver plated designs, which has a diamond attached in it. This is another perfect way to judge if your jeweler is a con man, because you will never find diamond in a cheap quality metal.

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    Never forget to get a certificate or a receipt of the diamond you have bought, just for the sake of record. There is a special certificate which is issued by the Gemological Institute of America. This organization is responsible to provide the diamond buyers, a report which mentions the reality of the stone and its grade as well.

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    The last step is to visit a reliable jeweler and tell him to examine the stone and judge its originality, but the GIA report is the perfect way to know about your diamond.

    Being careful is the best way to protect your money or else you might end up regretting. Do not buy anything from a new shop until you are sure about the place whether it is available temporarily or permanently.

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