How to Spot a Fake Armani Fabric

Giorgio Armani is one of the most exquisite fashion designers in this world which are known for designing outclass attire and accessories. Clothes lying under the label of Armani are tailored classically and designed fantastically. Style is not the only core ingredient which makes this brand so unique; fabric used in producing a stylish ready to wear evening or casual dress is also of top quality. Every aspect is given great importance, which includes the fabric as well. Verifying the authenticity of Armani fabric is not a difficult task because Armani fabric has several unique characteristics which can easily help in telling the difference between a fake and real fabric.


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    Logo of Armani Fabric:

    Presence of logo on Armani fabric is necessary and no matter how small the item is - the brand's symbol plays an eminent role in proving the authenticity of the label. The clothing line lies under Giorgio Armani so you will usually find two Gs facing each other in an upside down position. The clarity and neatness of the logo has to be judged very carefully. On the fabric, the logo is basically stitched.

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    Quality of Armani Fabric:

    The moment you hold the fabric in your hand, you will easily figure out that the product has relevance to a top quality brand. Armani fabric is very soft and fine; not like other materials which give a rough feeling.

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    Finishing of Armani Fabric:

    The stitching done on Armani fabric is very neat and proper; every corner of the fabric will have a clear stitch, whereas a bogus fabric will have unruly stitches, with threads coming out of it.

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    Armani label of Armani Fabric:

    Do not forget to check the Armani labeled selvedge; only original fabric has Giorgio Armani labeled selvedge on the sides. Replica makers might follow a similar technique, so carefully see if the label is neatly selvedge and the spellings of the brand name are correct or not.

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